Friday, 3 January 2014

Week 10- Animatic

Week 9- First Storyboard

Week 8- Style Inspiration

Style influence for memory book

The link above is to an animation that heavily influenced my approach to the design of the memory book.

Simple plan for the layout of the memory book:

Below is a sample of a small mock up of the memory book, I planned out each page which specified what images will be fully animated, photographs, video footage etc

Week 8- First Storyboard of Memory Book

Week 7- Love story

Meeting his wife:

- Man walks past shop window looking at books, he notices one of interest
- As he goes to goes to pick it up, another person picks it up
- He looks up to see a pretty woman looking back at him, slightly embaressed 

- They go on date together… 
montage of things they do together… go dancing, diner, picnics, flying in plane together...

Their wedding:

- Them standing at the alter, then a shot of them leaving in his plane with a just married sign

Old couple in love:

- They have now become an old couple, anniversary> emphasise date and them in the study room.
- Wife becomes ill, hospital

Man is now alone in room, emphasising empty chair opposite to signify the loss of his wife...

** end of memory book **

Week 7- Spirit Character

The spirit figure is just a figure to begin with, but as it travels through the memory book it gets more identity… when the spirit eventually comes out of the book, it is the spirit of the old man.


As the spirit comes out of the book the identity changes to the man.

Inspiration for the style of my spirit character: